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Summary of the Omnibus Bill Circuit Breaker

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8/15/08: Frank Mauro speaks about tax reform and the Omnibus Bill at Mohonk Mountain House.


posted 6/15/11

Governor Cuomo Cuts Taxes for 35,000 Millionaires
Raises Property Taxes on 675,000 Working Class Families That Are Already Struggling
Group Asks: This is Your Solution to Our Tax Problems?

What the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey
Tells Us About Residential Property Taxes

Table 1: Over 675,000 New York Households Pay 10%
or More of Their Income in Property Taxes. A
Quarter Million Pay 20% or More

Table 2: Nearly Half of New York Households with
Incomes of $50,000 or Less Pay 10% or More of
Their Income in Property Taxes.

posted 6/1/11

Deutsch Argues Against Tax Cap

posted 5/11/11

Press Release: Groups Urge State Leaders to Support Real Property Tax Relief (Circuit Breaker)
Caution that 2% Hard Tax Cap Will Hurt Services in NYS
Now is the Time to Broaden the Discussion

News Coverage of the Omnibus Press Conference 5/10/11

posted 2/8/11

News from a possible Bad Tax Cap future:

Smelly garbage forces playground to close. Sanitation crews stop trash collection.

Dramatic rescue from I-93 overpass

Bus service reduced. Workers scrambling to find alternate transportation.

posted 1/25/11

Unlikely Allies Fight Cuomo’s Plan for Property Tax Cap

posted 1/11

Press Release Property Tax Reform Groups respond to SOS
Governor Cuomo - Right on Property Tax, Wrong on Tax Cap

posted 12/20/10

Omnibus Consortium offers tax relief solution other than tax cap

News Channel 10 - VIEW VIDEO

http://media.publicbroadcasting.net/wamc/newsroom/images/3394561.jpgActivists to Cuomo: NO Property Tax Cap!
WAMC - Listen Now


Local property tax groups oppose Cuomo's tax cap plan
Fox News

Tax Cap pushback Part II
Capitol Confidential, Times Union Blog

A tax cap won't work, group says
Legislative Gazette

Press Release: Property Tax Reform Groups Unite! Say Cuomo Tax Cap is Not Property Tax “Relief, ”Urge Governor-Elect and Legislature to Support “Circuit Breaker” Relief

posted 10/19/10
Albany Times Union Report on Property Tax Nightmare

posted 3/19/10
Press Release: Omnibus Consortium on Senate Property Tax Proposal
Supports Stronger Circuit Breaker – Says No to Caps

posted 11/9/09
Press Release: Omnibus Consortium on Governor's Circuit Breaker Proposal:
Not the Right Policy for the Problem

posted 6/22/09
Press Release: Senate and Assembly Members Show Bi-Partisan Support for Circuit Breaker
Foreclosures, Tax delinquencies and Unemployment at Record Numbers
Residents Need Property Tax Relief NOW!

posted 5/11/09
Omnibus Consortium: Empire Page Interview with Ron Deutsch

posted 1/15/09
Press Release: Diverse Group of Advocates Call for Short Term Relief and Long Term Solutions to Property Tax Reform
Property Tax Reform Groups, Unions, Fiscal Watchdogs and Education Advocates Unite Around the Omnibus Property Tax Relief and Reform Bill